Friday, April 13, 2012

Mommy Wars

When women say they had a choice about staying home with the kids, that means hubby or partner makes enough money to cover the all the bills, including food, gas and when you want to sign up the kids for soccer.

Sometimes it can be a finical tight fit, like in my case we squeak by, my husband would love love for me to go back to work full time. After all we have college coming up, not too mention a 1200 fee we have to pay for my oldest to be in the Walton High School Marching Band.

I prefer part time or freelancing it gives me a certain amount of flexibility with kids.

Back on point, when we had our first three kids, there was NO discussion about me NOT going back to work, it was a given. We couldn't afford for me to be stay at home mom.

Lucky for us the company we worked for had on site daycare and was subsides by the bank. So, our costs were a bit less, we also had back up care with my Mom.

But again we were very lucky. Not all families can afford quality daycare. Sometimes the schedule at work is not compatible with the daycare hours. You have families where parents may work 2 jobs just to cover the bills, let alone have anything left over.

Not all moms have choices, but some do.

Some moms chose to go back to work, because they truly enjoy it. They've worked hard for their career and want to keep it. And that's fine.

More often then not a happy mom leads to a happy house.  

So, this whole mommy wars is baloney.

Sometimes it's about choice another times there isn't one.

It's about money and childcare.

You can't afford one without the other.


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