Monday, April 9, 2012

A small bump in the Road.

So, yesterday at around four o'clock in the afternoon I was driving a Kia Sedona 2003 back from The Villages, Florida after spending a week with Grandma, I had two kids in the car, both for once behaving, they were entertained with a Kindle Fire and my Droid X.

When we drove past the Plantation Exit, if you've ever driven on I75 through Georgia you know where it is. When the front passenger tire suddenly went BOOM, with the needle pegged at 70 mph, let's just say it was eventful, and difficult to regain control of the car and maneuver it to the shoulder.  

When I pulled over and got out of the car, the tire was completely shredded. And the van was resting on the rim. My daughter asks, Well. My response the tire is gone. We have to get the spare out. Fortunate enough, Andy, was following in the other car and secondly, his dad had the foresight to put a real tire as a spare and not a dunsel.  

Some thirty minutes later we were back on the road, with a change of drivers, Andy in the van and I, the kids in the Mazda 6. Tight fit, but less chance of risking another blow out. But this now brings us to the conclusion of my story.

We took the car to the Kia dealer, and explained that this was the second time in less then twelve months. We wanted the car checked for any mechanical issues.

The service representative called back saying no mechanical issues. I'm skeptical about that, but any rate we had them put on two new tires and, put the best one as the spare.

The next question was a bit startling, Kia service person asked us if we wanted them to check the alignment, and if we did it would cost extra.

Umm hey guys, the TIRE blew at SEVENTY MILES PER HOUR.

Did you not check the alignment first.


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