Monday, May 14, 2012

The Business of Governing

According to Bloomberg, Citi says there's a 75 % chance that Greece leaves the European Union. My question where do the heck do they go? Let's clear up something, Greece's issues have nothing to do with Democracy more to do with a functioning Internal Revenue Services, people have to pay taxes in order for government services to work. And People's expectation of what the government can do has to change.

Just like the United States is an on going experiment so is the European Union. So, leaving it is really not an option.

Private Equity.


Yes, investors people, endowments, retirement funds give money to Bain Capitol to invest in companies that need to be either a fixed up, helped it to expand , or shut down and sold off.  

A private equity firms job is to make money for it's clients and protect them from too much loss.

It's not personal it's just business.  


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