Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We hear that the bells are tolling in Europe for the end of the Euro Zone.

Well, they are tolling just for the end of this particular iteration.

Ruled by emperors and or dictators Europe has been one big mass, then a bunch of little bits and back again to one big piece.

In this turn Europe formed an economic union. All one monetary system, no papers needed to cross borders. A person could ideally work in Spain or Belgium if they chose to. However by agreeing to being part of the Union, a country gave up it's ability to print money. But they kept their leadership, tax system and legislative business.

And that's part of the problem, it's not the only one. I am far from being an economic expert.

To make the European Union work, it needs to handle the taxes for every country and have some sort of purview over each respective member's budget.

Governing, immigration, local and national issues are still managed by each country's government. And they can still spend the money the way their people want, it just has to balance out.

So, Europe may end up like The Holy Roman Empire, but just like it says in the history books "neither Roman or Holy" but a system that might work better.


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