Friday, June 8, 2012

A gaffe is a gaffe unless of course...

Ok, has every political candidate and pundit gotten it out of their system the gaffe from President Obama's press conference. Not that it's over yet. The night time shows on Friday, particularly FOX News are going to have a field day. And then you have the Sunday Morning Political shows: Meet the Press et al.  

And yes President Obama clarified his statement later in the day, but it's too late, a Friday when there isn't any huge news, this will lead for the next 3 days. Until someone else does a gaffe. Or Europe falls into the abyss, which ever comes first.

But from my point view the private sector is doing fine as matter fact some are boasting record making profits. They are just doing it with less people. The other issue is that we have lots unemployed individuals that lack the right skills or education in order to gain employment in the private or public sector.

Speaking of the public sector, Cobb County needs to lay off 350 teachers. They chose to do so through attrition. The schools will not back fill these positions. There is no summer school for students to improve or get ahead, because there is no money to pay the teachers or for transportation. In order for Walton High School to continue providing a high quality education the Foundation asks for parents to donate money to help pay for necessities. They ask for 500.00 per student, but will accept whatever parent can donate.

So, the private sector is making money, it's just not hiring. Or can't find qualified people for the jobs it has open.

Meanwhile the public sector, in education, transportation (construction), police and fire, can't get any money to hire.

A gaffe is gaffe, President Obama misspoke but inadvertently told a truth, the private sector is doing just fine.

On a side note it is just June people. And political people have a short term memory, worse then a teenager or a mom with four kids.

Have a great weekend.


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