Sunday, June 3, 2012

Justice may be Blind.

Justice should be blind.

But in the case of a Republicans here in Georgia, it can't be without a political viewpoint.

Part of the reason why I am writing this is a comment made on a local political show called "The Georgia Gang". A political pundit, remarked if there were more Black Republicans, there would be more Black judges.

Governor Nathan Deal is appointing all white judges to benches, in counties that have a majority African American population. These men are replacing judges that were Black. According to the AJC the population of African American judges has dropped from forty percent in 2002 to today's number at thirty percent.

I do not believe in a quota system, but I do believe that justice should reflect what society looks like. Judges interpret the law, their life, and interactions weigh heavy on what they believe is constitutional. ( Yeah don't believe the hype, it isn't all about the Constitution.)

It's time to move beyond race and politics.

So, Governor Nathan Deal are you game?

Is it time to move beyond granting favors to your supporters and actually make sure justice is carried out.

Or will Georgia continue moving backwards.

Ball is in your court.


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