Friday, June 22, 2012

Merida by any other name

I was reading a new book written by David Maraniss; Barack Obama The Story. When an Disney/Pixar  commercial caught my eye, the lead character in the movie Brave by Pixar is named Merida.

I kind of chuckled for moment, it almost looks like "merde" French for shist ;) or "mierda" for sh*t in Spanish.

Then it kind of bugged me. Pixar is headquartered in California, a state that has a fairly large Latin population. And nobody caught this when it was being written or filmed at any stage. After all Pixar movies are distributed around the world in many different languages. And this was mistake that could have been easily avoided ( Sorry, Steve Jobs) by Googling Celtic/ Gaelic girls names.  

Somebody needs a new copy editor.


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