Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eat more Chikin

We live in Georgia, so therefore when it comes down to fast food. There are more Chick F La then Burger Kings. McDonalds and Wendy's we're just about even.

And if you didn't know Dan Cathy the CEO aforementioned fast food restaurant; created a public relations fire storm over his opinion on same sex marriage. And for the record he's against it.

Now, we are having support the Chicken Days and Kiss in Nights.

Chick F La the privately held but very public company, has made the regular statements of we welcome everybody. But they don't seem to wash.

Here's my idea: Sometimes when I am in public with kids, and we run across a same sex couple. And kids being kids, want to say something. I usually cut them off by responding " Yeah, they bat for the same team." And move on.

Chick F La could run an ad with the Chickens and the Cows at baseball game. Dan Cathy is the umpire. He lefts up his mask and says: " Here at Chick F La we don't care what team you bat for, just eat our chicken... Let's play ball."  Have a chicken drop his/her mitt and run off the field.

It's simple. And can perhaps calm the Chicken Little's of the world.


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