Sunday, November 10, 2013

Moms and kids

A note for parents and reminder for me in case of future events.

We went on Saturday to the Humble Convention Center, it was great fun learning about rocks, fossils and gems.

As a mom there certain rules you learn about human beings, especially little human beings, they a lll have a limit and its important to keep it in mind.

There was a young mom, who was meandering around the booths with a cute blond curly hair little girl, she was dressed in stripe legging, a kiddie t shirt with a purple jacket. She was adorable .. but she was tired. But mom kept dragging her from booth to booth. At one point even telling the girl stop embarrassing me. Are you kidding me...  At that point the kids and I broke off in different directions.

We ran into her again on the educational side of the convention hall, needless to say the little girl was in full meltdown. And her mom just as angry. The little girl was ruining her day.
One little girl on the floor and one mom trying to her to her feet. The mom actually thumps the girl on the back, Come on don't you want to see this..  ummm no She doesn't.

Mom finally gets the message, picks up her tow headed little girl and goes out the door  I told her as she passed by: It's ok, it's al right to go home.

But I didn't want too. she replied.

But she's too cute to say no to.

And she sailed out the door, still angry. But no so much with kid, but probably with me. But that's ok, she won't be so mad at her kid.

So, remember folks, what maybe tons of fun for you, isn't so much for the little kids you drag along with you.

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